Corsair Ski Trail Conditions
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February 25, 2023

Planning does not guarantee success. We pulled out of the grooming garage at an early hour this morning, enroute to set fresh tracks on the Corsair trail section. Without warning, the left rear Camoso track on our John Deere Gator came apart. We very carefully nursed the machine back into the garage. Plan B was to take our Yamaha Grizzly tracked ATV to pull the track setting machine around Corsair. Failure again. The starter would not engage. Thank you everyone who has purchased a 2023 Corsair Grooming Badge to financially support our efforts. We are facing some equipment repair expenses. We plan to be back grooming trails ASAP.

If you have not contributed to the operation of the the trails yet, 2023 Corsair Trail Grooming Passes are available at Nordic Sports, in East Tawas, for $10.00. Your financial contribution makes trail clearing and grooming happen.

Think about this: groomed ski trails are a luxury and not a mandated requirement. Let's all work together to keep this program operating. Trail work and grooming is performed by a Corsair Trail Council employee. There are many other expenses besides his wages: equipment acquisition, fuel, mechanical repairs, insurance, garage and cabin heat and maintenance, etc. This extensive and expensive project requires continuous funding. Funding is received by your financial contributions. An annual Corsair Trail Grooming Pass ($10.00) is sold as a fundraiser. This season's pass is shown here. Attach it to your zipper and wear it proudly to verify that you appreciate and support trail grooming at the Corsair Ski Trails.
The Corsair Trail Grooming Passes are available at Nordic Sports in East Tawas. You may also order passes by mail: Corsair Trail Council, PO Box 701, Tawas City, MI 48764

Please note: New U.S. Forest Service policy will no longer allow the Corsair Trail Council to collect donations or sell trail buttons at the ski areas. Beginning in 2018, the Corsair Ski Trails are a USFS Fee Area. This means the USFS is charging a daily $5.00 fee (per vehicle) to use the trails. The daily fee pays for snowplowing the parking lots and maintenance of toilet facilities. Please cooperate and pay the fee. A percentage of the daily fee will be given to the Corsair Trail Council for ski trail grooming!

No Dogs On Ski Trails
Sorry - dogs are not allowed on the groomed ski trails at Corsair, Silver Valley, and Wright’s Lake. Please leave your pets at home for the safety and enjoyment of all skiers. Other skiers will not share your affection for your pet because dogs commonly disturb and harass wildlife, bark at other approaching skiers, mess up groomed tracks, and leave excrement on trails that fouls ski bottoms and trail grooming equipment.
The Highbanks Trail, located 4 miles west of the Corsair Trails - at the end of Monument Road, is an ungroomed skiing and snowshoeing trail where pets are welcome.

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Snow Depths In Northern Michigan


Grooming Equipment for All Snow ConditionsClick picture to ZOOM
The Corsair Trail Council owns a complete selection of trail grooming equipment that can create trails in light snow conditions or heavy deep powder. Our experienced groomer operators use either the Yamaha Grizzly 700 tracked ATV, Skandic snowmobile or ASV Scout snowcat to pull the YTS Roller/Compactor, Tidd-Tech Trail Tenderizer, 84" Ginzu Groomer, or LatuExpert tiller. The groomer operators often have to use a chainsaw to clear freshly fallen trees off the trail. Occasionally, while you are comfortably sleeping at night, they are kneeling or laying in cold snow and darkness repairing broken equipment in the remote areas of the trail.
All of this is funded by YOUR financial contribution. Be a good sport and donate monies each time you ski to keep the Corsair Trail Council operating.
We do not receive any tax dollars or grant monies for trail grooming or equipment acquisition. You are our only source of funding.
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Well Groomed TracksClick picture to ZOOM
We use a state-of-the-art 84" Ginzu Groomer to snowcomb and set double tracks on all of our trails. With 33 miles of trails to groom, this is a very time consuming job. We often only travel at a maximum speed of 6 to 8 mph. Do the math on that! Would you have the patience to do this grooming job?
Click on the picture to view the full-sized image and see the actual trail conditions.

Expensive Snow Grooming
Often we have both groomers in operation, packing and setting tracks. Deep snow requires a lot of work and additional expense to groom. Considering the enjoyment that you receive from a day on the well-groomed Corsair trail system, please drop a contribution in the trail head donation tube each time you ski. The Corsair Trail Council is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 organization, but they have ever-rising costs of basic needs like fuel, insurance, wages for our groomer operator, repairs and major grooming equipment purchases . These bills have to get paid with dollars.

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