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  Jim Miller - Willow Winds
Jim Miller of Willow Winds is a well-known wilderness skills expert from "just up the road" in Mikado, Michigan. Jim is a good friend and was a Nordic Sports employee in the early '90's. Currently, Jim teaches workshops, builds exhibits for historical centers, creates movie sets (Thunderheart), and authors publications that focus on Native American and pioneer era ways of life. Jim has just produced an excellent instructional DVD on birch bark canoe construction.

Jim Miller is pictured in one of his early Objiwa style birch bark canoes. Jim uses his canoes for exploring northern waterways, but his work is often put on display at visitor centers, historical rendevous, and outdoor shows. Note that the shell of the canoe is brown, not white. The white side of the birch bark goes on the inside of the canoe, despite paintings that often show it on the outside. If you are canoeing or kayaking the AuSable River Canoe Area, you may encounter Jim paddling one of his magnificent canoes.
(click on the photo for more information about Jim and his workshop classes at Willow Winds)

Lucie Gagnon
Our friend Lucie Gagnon is an incredible artist who executes stunning drawings using pencil and paper. Originally from far northern Ontario, Lucie presently lives in Goulais River (Ontario) with her husband Bob Yankus, in their handcrafted log home. Growing up in the small village of Fauquier along the Ground Hog River, Lucie developed her passion to reflect nature in her art. Now being near the Lake Superior coast gives her many opportunities to explore and enjoy outdoor activities like snowshoeing or camping. When she is not drawing, she can be found canoeing and trout fishing on one of her favorite rivers. Lucie's drawings are exhibited at galleries and shows throughout Ontario. She offers signed prints of her original artwork for sale. For a brochure of her prints: (705) 649-4163
Lucie Gagnon
1064 Hwy 552 W.
Goulais River, ON
P0S 1E0
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(click on the drawings to view the amazing detail in Lucie's artwork)Click picture to ZOOMClick picture to ZOOM

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