Corsair Trail Information

HISTORY - The Corsair Trails were established in 1974. Community volunteers constructed them.

OPERATION - The trails are constructed, maintained, and operated by the Corsair Trail Council, Inc. - an eleven-member community VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION. They operate with a permit from the U.S. Forest Service, which allows use of the forest land for developed skiing and hiking trails. The Corsair Trail Council is recognized for .... having the longest on-going, continuous partnership with the U.S. Forest Service .... in the nation !

SIZE - Utilizing all ski trail loops, there are 44.5 miles of trails in the Corsair system.

NATIONAL RECOGNITION - In 1989, the Corsair Trail Council won the Take Pride in America Award. In 1998, the Corsair Trail Council was awarded the National Volunteer Award by the U.S. Forest Service. Also in 1998, the trail council was the recipient of the National USDA Honor Award for Rural Community Assistance.

FUNDING - The Corsair Trail Council is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your contributions to this organization are tax deductible. The Trail Council continuously strives to improve the quality of the trail system by enhancing the facilities and acquiring up-to-date trail grooming equipment. The work requires continuous funding. Funding is received by:

Donations - Contributions can be mailed to the Corsair Trail Council, P.O. Box 701, Tawas City, MI 48764-0701
If you would like to arrange a generous contribution to this 501(c)3 tax-deductable organization please contact Mary Doak, treasurer (989) 362-6358.

Grooming Badge Sales - Annual Corsair Trail Grooming Supporter Badges are sold as a fundraiser. They are available for $10.00 at Nordic Sports in East Tawas.

For further information on the Corsair Ski Trails -or- to be a volunteer with the Corsair Trail Council, please contact Nordic Sports (989) 362-2001

Quotes and Reviews

“Here’s a new discovery -- to us, at least. Chances are the skiing faithful of Michigan’s lower peninsula have known about Corsair for a while ..... Corsair is worth a visit for the dedicated skier or the novice.”
----- Cross Country Skier Magazine - October 1993

“Corsair, maintained by Tawas Area volunteers, is one of the top cross-country layouts in the state, if not the country.”
----- The Detroit Free Press - January 14, 1994

“One of the best and largest cross-country trail systems in the state is the Corsair system located just northwest of Tawas. .... They are well designed and marked. It has some of the best groomed tracks I’ve ever skied. .... It’s a beautiful trail system.”
----- Traverse City Record-Eagle - January 15, 1995

“Mom-and-pop skiing .... Tawas has great trails and relaxed attitudes. .... It’s a picturesque place.”
----- The Ann Arbor News - March 5, 1994

“It’s a thoroughly delightful system. You won’t be disappointed. .... Corsair may not be the most challenging cross-country ski area in the state, but it’s my favorite.”
-----William Semion, author (book) - Michigan Winter Trails, page 143

“You’ve found Shangri-la .... Without a doubt, this is one of the best trail systems in the state. The Corsair Trail Council deserves kudos for the time and effort they’ve put into developing and maintaining this wonderful trail system.”
----- Mike Terrell, author (book) - Northern Michigan’s Best Cross Country Ski Trails, page 196

The Corsair Ski Trails were featured in an exclusive article in the January - February 2008 issue of Cross Country Skier Magazine.

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